Nuvia France

Bringing together complementary skills in a unique centre of excellence, Nuvia France is able to operate across the complete lifecycle of nuclear facilities.

Its activities, from civil engineering and construction to decommissioning through facility operation and waste management, has been enhanced by partnerships with lead nuclear operators since the construction of the first nuclear plants in France.

Based at 15 locations in France, the Nuvia teams work closely with their clients and are usually based at the very heart of nuclear facilities on client sites.

With a long experience for working in a hostile environments, the 950 Nuvia staff share the same values: permanent research for innovation, transparency, responsiveness; and a sense of service to always bring the most appropriate response to their clients’ needs.

Nuvia France combines nine companies, all specialists in the nuclear field::

  • IFCEN | Training, experts, recruitment services
  • IPRS | Engineering, protection of concrete and steel against corrosion
  • MILLENNIUM | Specialised nuclear engineering
  • NUVIA Access | Means of access, shoring, containment, insulation
  • NUVIA Coating | Special coatings, protection against corrosion
  • NUVIA Process | Decommissioning, plant operations & nuclear measurement
  • NUVIA Protection |
    Passive Protection | Fire, flood and radiological protection
    Mechanical Protection | Fire protection
  • NUVIA Structure | Specialised civil engineering, mechanics and special work
  • NUVIA Support | Plant operations and health physics

85 avenue Archimède
13857 Aix en Provence cedex 3 – France

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